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Rain & snow, go away!

Lots of rain, snow, and ice these days. It is January, so I can’t complain, but I find myself shivering and thinking of warmer climates. I can dream of you California, Hawaii, and Florida. I will see you soon Bahamas!

rainy day


Spring Wreath Project

I found this ribbon wreath project on pinterst and knew I needed one. I decided to make a Nationals Baseball wreath for baseball season. I got my coupons and headed out to the craft store. I got some fun (and cheap) ribbon and the styrofoam wreath. I double checked the idea from tatertots & jello blog and started to cut the ribbon into 4.5 inch strips. I used straight pins instead of hot glue. If I were to do another one I would use thicker ribbon.

Baseball Wreath Project

I really wanted a curly W or something to add to the wreath, but then I decided I could make a fancy flower out of the baseball ribbon I had. I started pinning and loved how it turned out.

Baseball Wreath Halfway

Here is the finished project! I’m actually kind of nervous to put it outside! It has been windy, but hopefully by Opening Day (April 1) the wind will have died down. But at this point, it might be an inside wreath! We will see.

Baseball Wreath

Go Nats!