New Year, New Me

Today I received some … unsolicited, but interesting … career advice. It was suggested that a good next step for me would be a position that I have always felt was “beneath” me. Am I out of touch, or is she? Either way, it woke me up. I need to step up my higher ed game. I thought to myself … what would Dr. Morton do?

Dr. Morton

I came home and ordered a new book on amazon – Social Class on Campus: Theories and Manifestations by Will Barratt. I did a quick check at the library, not available. I decided the situation was dire, I must buy it. (Thankfully it was available on prime and in paperback). It was needed.

Stay tuned for my discoveries. More higher ed reading to come. If I think I am moving up in the world, I need to up my game and get my theory and language back. Thank you, unsolicited career advisor, I’m listening.

And, new me professional development goal #2 is to keep this blog updated – no one likes an inactive blog!



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