Social Media Marketing: Going back to 1985!

For my Social Media Marketing class through ELI, we had an extra credit assignment to go back to 1985 and spend 24 hours “unconnected”. When I first looked at the assignment I said no way! I actually don’t think I even read past the first sentence before I decided I did not need the extra credit. I had no plans to do this, but I was on my way to Idaho with my sister to visit our grandma I was telling her about the project. She suggested I start now, since my phone was already off. I realized this would be a good time to start my “unconnected” project, since I had to have my phone off for the 5 hour flight anyway! Why not just keep it off after I arrive?

I was halfway to Idaho when I realized I was reading a book on my kindle, definitely something I would not have been able to do in 1985. We landed in Denver and had a quick layover. We realized I had to turn my phone on because I had my aunt’s phone number in my phone and she did not. So we made a quick phone call to our aunt to let her know that our flight was on time and the phone went back off. I had brought a library book as well so I went back to reading that book for the flight from Denver to Spokane. When we got to Spokane we found my aunt, our bags and were on our way to Idaho. I don’t think we were even out of the airport for 30 minutes when I decided I could not take it and turned my phone back on. It was about time I updated my statuses on various sites to let the people know I had arrived in Idaho!

I would give myself an F+ for the project!


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