Happy Birthday, Hope!

Happy Birthday little lady bug! Excited to celebrate today at Chick-fil-a! I think it’s time for some updated pictures! Today is the day. Be ready for me!



Rain & snow, go away!

Lots of rain, snow, and ice these days. It is January, so I can’t complain, but I find myself shivering and thinking of warmer climates. I can dream of you California, Hawaii, and Florida. I will see you soon Bahamas!

rainy day

New Year, New Me

Today I received some … unsolicited, but interesting … career advice. It was suggested that a good next step for me would be a position that I have always felt was “beneath” me. Am I out of touch, or is she? Either way, it woke me up. I need to step up my higher ed game. I thought to myself … what would Dr. Morton do?

Dr. Morton

I came home and ordered a new book on amazon – Social Class on Campus: Theories and Manifestations by Will Barratt. I did a quick check at the library, not available. I decided the situation was dire, I must buy it. (Thankfully it was available on prime and in paperback). It was needed.

Stay tuned for my discoveries. More higher ed reading to come. If I think I am moving up in the world, I need to up my game and get my theory and language back. Thank you, unsolicited career advisor, I’m listening.

And, new me professional development goal #2 is to keep this blog updated – no one likes an inactive blog!



This is everything! Best momentum going into Friday’s game. We are up for the challenge … who will it be.


First watch Jordan,

Then watch Kevin,

Then Terrance!

Then … Get your RED on!


Final Exam



One year as a Fairy Godmother!

I can’t believe it has been a full year since Hope’s baptism. I have really enjoyed this year as Hope’s Godmother and I am excited for more to come. Hope has helped me grow in my faith in just this short year! Looking forward to having more of an impact on her spiritual growth in the years to come.


Isaiah 40:31 But they that hope in the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall take wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.

Social Media Marketing: 55 Brands

This was a fun assignment. It was fun looking into some different brands to see what they are doing well. I checked out sites for Southwest, XSport Fitness, and Whole Foods!

Update: I apparently did not understand the directions of the assignment! But, what I made of the assignment it was by far my favorite so far in the class!

One of the companies I have written about before is Southwest. I checked out their Twitter profile and Facebook cover photo to see how their visual media matched up with the company’s shown in the slide show. Their Twitter background is pretty plain, but it is informative. It has the trademark blue and Southwest written out. The Facebook cover photo looks like it changes often as far as the season, holiday or promotions. The photo albums also provide updated and colorful photos.  One thing suggested in the slide show was to use the cover photo to promote or highlight new products. One photo album they had up was their new fleet which is showing details of their new planes. I had not checked Pinterest to see what they were doing there, so went to the Pinterest page and was pleasantly surprised (as you can see from the picture below). The page was active and colorful and linked key information from both Facebook and twitter, but in a different way. They continue with the theme of highlighting the new fleet. They are active on Instagram as well. There are some company’s that I don’t even think to look at other social networks to see what they are doing and how they are promoting products. This is something they might have done already and I missed it, but they could link promotions to separate social network sites to let the customer know the presence they have on that network.

Visual media really plays a role in attracting the customer’s attention and keeping them coming back.


For the second company I decided to check out a smaller brand. I looked at what my gym, XSport Fitness (Fairfax) is doing. I found an updated cover photo on Facebook for the spring season and colorful photos of both the gym and people at the gym (as you can see from the picture below). I was surprised to see they are not very active on Twitter. I found the larger company, and while they have a decent size following they do not tweet often. There last tweet was March 5 and it looks like majority of the tweets are about class cancellations due to weather. I would think this would be a social networking site they could use often to encourage clients to reach their fitness goals or promote health and fitness tips. I found the larger company on Pinterest, but not the individual Fairfax branch. The Pinterest page is not very active, but has some interesting pins about challenges they are promoting and exercises they are recommending. I would think they could do a lot with a Pinterest page between nutrition and exercises, but it doesn’t look like they have a big audience for it, so they haven’t developed it well yet. I was not able to find them using Instagram as a larger company or the smaller branch.

Something I have read a lot about this semester is to know who your customer is and what social media sites they are using. But, I also think it plays a part in what makes sense for your product. I think that might play a role here, but I think they could develop more visual media to go along with their social media campaign. I have also read a lot about having the same message across all forms of social media networking. While I agree that the same exact message doesn’t need to go out on each site, I think we see a lot of different customers using different network sites and getting the same message across all networks is beneficial, but changing that message to meet the needs of the site and the customers using that site.


I was intrigued by another article talking about Whole Foods Market. My brother is a Whole Foods employee, so I was very interested to see what they were doing. I first looked at their twitter background and liked the information on the left side directing them to separate sites (as seen on the picture below). However, since you have to put it into a PDF to put the background up the links are not directly click-able, and therefore the customer would have to type it into the web. From this class I have learned that a lot of twitter users are using mobile devices, so they might not necessarily go to the page to see the background anyway. What I was really impressed with was the use of their hashtags. This can be a visual media source since the hashtag can really make a tweet stand out to the reader. I thought they were short and informative. The ones I saw all started with WFM, which I really liked from a marketing point of view because it automatically branded the hashtag. Whole Foods is very active on Pinterest. I do not think I would have thought to look at the company’s Pinterest page, but was very impressed by the activity and number of followers. They do a good job with their boards and set up of the page. Whole Foods Market is active on Instagram, but I’m not sure how much information you would really want to gain from following them. I think the Pinterest page is good because it directs them to recipes or healthy food options, where the Instagram account will just show the pictures.